Wooden Autos

Easily grasped and rolled by little hands, our 559 Wood Autos come in Shapes & Unshapes, and Zoomies for open-ended fun. Both sets feature natural wood bodies, hand sanded and finished with hemp oil, and wheels that are completed with natural finishes (non-toxic acrylic or milk paint and hemp oil on the Shapes and Unshapes, and hemp oil on the Zoomies).

Shapes & Unshapes

Becoming familiar with basic shapes is an important part of toddler and preschoolhood, but so is the fun that comes with playing with things that aren't the everyday squares, circles and triangles. We think that both are important: the Shapes, and the Unshapes. Available with wheels painted with non-toxic acrylic or milk paint, our 3.5" Autos come individually or in sets of Shapes (Square, Circle & Triangle in red, natural and white) or Unshapes (fun designs in purple, aqua and green). Want to mix it up with a set of three that includes cars from both of these fun sets? That's always an option, too!

One Shape or Unshape Auto - $20       Set of 3 Shape or Unshape Autos - $50


These simple, fun little autos feature a completely natural, modern and sleek look. Familiar silhouettes are open-ended enough to allow for imaginations to continue to reign, while providing a recognizable "autoness" for young minds. At just over 4" in length, each Zoomie is easy to grasp and rolls well, much to delight of the little ones who play with them. Available in (clockwise from top below): Putt-Putt (van), Honk (truck/SUV), Vroom (coupe), and Beep (car).

Zoomie Wooden Autos (each) - $10