559 Tabby Square

Colour and Texture

They seem to be everywhere these days, and with good reason: babies love feeling and manipulating those little loops of ribbon. Providing visual and tactile stimulation, our Tabby Square allows for further textural experiences, as this soft toy is sewn using a variety of fabrics. Waffle weaves, ribbed knits, soft flannel, fuzzy fleeze, smooth cotton and cozy minky are all there to be touched, explored and cuddled.

Comfort and Growth

At 15" x 15", soft, and easy to manipulate, the Tabby Square is the perfect contender to become a comfort object: the go-everywhere thing that helps infants develop coping skills as they venture into the wide world (or living room). The interesting and comforting textures on the Tabby Square can help distract during doctors visits, sooth during nights spent teething, and fascinate as tiny minds seek to differentiate and understand the textures and colours. Best of all, using one of the tabs and any linking toy, the Tabby Square can be attached to a carseat, carrier or diaper bag, as you may find quickly that this is one little blanket that you don't want to leave behind.

Why Grey and Ivory?

Currently our Tabby Square is available in grey or ivory, with a pop of a variety of colours (red, orange, green, teal or purple), and assorted coloured and textured ribbons. The monotone colour scheme is in keeping with the soothing nature of the Tabby Square, while allowing the tabs to stand out for your child to find, and the fabric textures to be more noticeable. Furthermore, as the Tabby Square is one thing that your child may be taking everywhere with them for the next few years, in addition to being interesting and comforting, this toy just looks good.

559 Mini Tab

559 Toys Mini Tabs

Modelled after our popular Tabby Square, the 559 Mini Tab is the wee way for a little one to explore textured fabrics, colourful ribbons, and, a favourite sensory experience for babies (and adults alike), the fun sound of crinkle! Measuring 5" x 5", the mini tab comes with three fabric textures (flannel, grey terry cloth, and a grey fleece back), three ribbons of varying colours and thickness (including one that's conveniently located for attaching to a stroller or carseat), and an inner layer of crinkle that is specially formulated for infants' toys. The crinkle is securely sewn in place and will continue to make it's delightful noise even after being machine washed and dried (though we do recommend laying your 559 Mini Tab out to dry).

In addition to the 6 colour combinations available through our Online Store, we have dozens of additional combinations available at markets and shows!

559 Mini Tab - $10