About our Toys & How to Care for Them

All of our products are handmade from wood and/or fabric in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our wooden toys are finished with hemp oil (non-toxic and food safe) and either an acrylic paint (organic and non-toxic), or milk paint (natural and non-toxic). Our wood glue is also food safe, non-toxic, and drool (water) resistant!

We recommend wiping down our wooden toys with a damp cloth, as submersion in water may damage the wood. Due to the natural pigments in our milk paint, you may notice a small amount of pigment that comes off when wiping the milk paint toys - this is totally normal and safe! If the wood is starting to lose it's lustre or look dry, refinish with your favourite non-toxic cutting board oil (hemp, linseed, mineral, etc) to maintain the water-resistance and protect the wood.

Our fabric and crochet toys can be washed in your washer with cold water (this does not include our Fabric Pips - take care not to submerge the wooden piece, as it may damage the wood), but we recommend laying flat to dry. You may wish to machine dry our plush items on low to speed the drying process.

As with all toys, please inspect for any damage, loose pieces or roughness before giving to your child for play.