559 Infant Delights

Circus Rattle

559 Toys Circle Rattle.jpg

This 3 ring beauty is reminiscent of both a classic baby rattle and a strongman’s barbell, with its simple shapes attracting the interest of developing minds. The 3 wooden rings create a delightful rattle, and the large balls can be finished in our bright non-toxic acrylic colours, our deeper milk paints, or left unpainted and finished with hemp oil. These rattles are perfectly sized to fit in infant palms, while being completely safe for infant mouths.



Circus Rattle - $20



Discus Rattle

This sturdy and beautiful wooden rattle stimulates hearing and sight while developing motor skills. Easily picked up and shaken, the Discus Rattle can be rolled and chased by crawlers, and later on, the 1-2-3 of the wooden disc beads can help build numeracy abilities. The bold discs that cap the rattle are available in natural hemp-oiled wood with brightly painted sliding beads (featuring an organic, non-toxic acrylic paint), or in any of our milk paint colours (red, green, teal or purple), with final finishes done with hemp oil.

Discus Rattle - $25


Saucer Trio

Delightful sounds await your baby with the 559 Saucer Trio. A jingle, a crinkle and a rattle can all be created and enjoyed from this beautiful set of crocheted manipulatives. Easy to grasp in little hands, and able to be hung from a small crocheted loop that your little one will also love to discover and explore. Available in warm colours (red/orange/yellow), cool colours (green/teal/purple), or black, grey and white.

Saucer Trio - $20


Baby Blocks

Lightweight and easy to grasp (and bang and chew on), these wooden blocks are interesting for little minds and safe for little bodies.  Solid pine or spruce and finished with hemp oil wood finish.


Set of 6 Baby Blocks - $20


559 Unshape Teethers

These hardwood teethers are perfect for soothing the sore gums of the little ones in your life. Available in 3 different hardwoods (maple, cherry and walnut) and featuring our popular Unshapes, each teether is sanded smooth and finished with natural, non-toxic hemp oil. Our hardwood teethers measure approximately 2.75" x 2.75".

Unshape Teether - $12


559 Trapezoid Teethers

These gorgeous teethers are also fascinating for little hands (and eyes and minds) to explore. Measuring approximately 2.25" x 3.25", these lightweight Trapezoid Teethers are made from birdseye maple, and feature 3 different sized holes to discover. Each teether is sanded smooth and finished with natural, non-toxic hemp oil. When ordered online, a random Trapezoid will be sent to you. Want to pick your own? Come and see us at a show!

Trapezoid Teether - $15


Fabric Pips

These fabulous Fabric Pips bring the best of both worlds to infants: smooth hardwood to explore (and teethe on), and soft terry cloth to touch, manipulate... and teethe on. Available with either grey or ivory fabric, and in maple, cherry or walnut hardwood. The hardwood Pip measures approximately 3" x 1.4", and the fabric is approximately 2.25" long.

Fabric Pip - $12


Ribbon Pips

Babies love ribbons... and necklaces... and electrical cords... but these Ribbon Pips are safer (and generally more colourful) than what they'll find around the house! Parents keep telling us that these little Pips provide the right amount of stimulation to distract the wee ones during diaper changes, and have proven popular with the most cord-loving babies out there! Available in 3 colour/hardwood combinations, and featuring two textures of ribbons to delight. The hardwood Pip measures approximately 3" x 1.4", and the ribbons are a safe 4.5" long.

Ribbon Pip - $12