5 Types of Play - Constructive Play

Today we continue this week's look at the 5 Types of Play, representing the first '5' in 559. Yesterday was Physical Play, and today we continue with...

Constructive Play

Constructive (or creative) play, is all about... you guessed it, constructing and creating things. Block on top of block, finger paint on paper (or walls), sand castles at the park, silly rhymes and songs, digging holes in dirt, decorating cookies, experimenting with paint, trying to sculpt something new with clay, etc, etc, and etc. Constructive play is simply making something that wasn't there before. It allows a child (or adult!) to step back and see what they have accomplished; what they have made - and that is an incredibly empowering thing. Even the oopses (the tower that falls, the paint that turns brown, the paper boat that sinks), are a necessary part of constructive play - the mistakes and the successes both allow for learning and creation, and sometimes the unexpected can lead a child down a wonderful new path of construction and creativity to explore.

So... encourage your child to get creative. To get building. To get messy in exploration. Create opportunities and provide the materials for your little one to experiment, manipulate, construct, and create, and then be amazed at what your child can make, and what they will learn while making.

Some 559 toys that can be used in Constructive Play:

Baby Blocks

Sphere Trio

Unshape Blocks (coming soon!)